Some Do's and Don'ts 

Just a few Basic Do’s and Don’ts for you to follow:


DO : 

  1. Run Security Software regularly. Always keep it activated and updated.

  2. Always install Windows updates.

  3. Pay attention to the pop ups and prompts when downloading software, making sure you’re not installing any add-ons or other search engines.

  4. Ensure you are downloading from a verified website, such as / /  Make sure the web address is specific to the site.

  5. Shut down properly. Always turn off your PC/Laptop using the shut down menu

  6. Keep your firewall on at all times. This will ensure you are blocked from virus and malware websites and/or downloads.

  7. Always keep your operating system up to date. Keeping your OS updated will avoid any system problems and it keeps your system’s performance from running into any problems.

  8. Delete any unnecessary files and folders. Keeping these only consumes memory and slows down your system’s performance.

  9. Install Windows, Anti-Virus, Spyware and Malware Applications.

  10. Scan your system regularly.

  11. When buying: Get a Solid State Drive and always buy a reliable Operating System

  12. Back up all important data on an external device ie: Flash Drive; External Hard Drive





  1. DO NOT buy a system that is less than 128 gigs of Hard Drive

  2. DO NOT buy a system that has less than 4 gigs of Ram

  3. Do not shut down your system while Windows is updating

  4. Do not cancel any updates – always let them complete

  5. Don’t install more than 1 Anti-Virus software  ( if you feel you need more protection, do not install it yourself, CALL US

  6. Do not give your password to ANYONE

  7. Do not allow anyone remote access to your system

  8. If you get a Ransom Ware screen or any Malware Pop-ups, DO NOT PANIC.  Don’t click anything. Don’t call the # on the screen. Don’t do anything. CALL US

  9. Don’t download unknown or unverified software from the internet

  10. Don’t respond to any “alarmist” or “warning” emails or requests for access to websites. When in doubt, call the business or just delete the email.

  11. Don’t blame yourself when your system crashes. Things happen. Just call us.